Posted by : Shiroshan Randika Sunday, April 11, 2010

We have to face many risks, problems and many boundaries in our life. We can't miss that things and we must face that. So I faced another educational boundary in the last year. It is G.C.E(O/L) exam. Sometimes some students says that it is a curse. Actually I am not really like this educational system. But I can't change it because I am not a Genius. Anyway we must not convert this to a curse. So we must understand that all situations and social behavior. Anyway I am graded by this exam. So I got five 'A's and four 'B's. In grade 10 I dreamed to get 9As. But it is near to face the exam I became lazy to study. That is the reason. Anyway I am happy to say I won this boundary. But I have to face another boundary. It is G.C.E(A/L) exam. It's risk is bigger  than O/L. Because I selected Maths. Most of people that is dangerous risk. But now I have already selected that. So I have to do that by hook or by crook! I have little sad about O/L maths. Because I got 'B' for Maths. Now I forgot all that and I will do my best for Advanced Level. So I thought to reduce my Internet usage. But is is hard job. Actually now I can't live without internet. Specially, Social Networking Sites. I will try to access internet in a time table. Finally I hope Bright Future for all my friends who are got O/L results in this year. Eventually I will give you a quote. I got that quote from 3 idiots Hindi Movie.

සියල්ලම හොඳින්!

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  1. Wow very good keep it up
    We all are with you dear

  2. @Cool Shakthi
    Thank you very much! Best of Luck!

  3. "I will try to access internet in a time table"

    does total value time reserve for internet?

  4. @වැප්
    Nope! I will try to control My internet Usage for my studies. It is main purpose. Thank u for comment!

  5. the problem abput internet and pc is with me too.. wish u all da best for A\L studies

  6. @අමිල ඩිලංක
    Thank u very much Amila. Same to you!

  7. congrats! Keep blogging after A/Ls . That'll improve your writing skills a lot!
    And wish you all the luck with A/L studies and A/L exam!!!


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